We will kick start our campaign on 12th August 2017!

District D: Spleen Battle ​will bring joy, fun and laughter to the world. Please stay tuned for our updates. Cheers!


"We are ready to change the world, one zombie at a time." - RGB


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District D: Spleen Battle features several unique never seen before game play carefully designed and tested by card game players over and over again.

Easy to pick up and play with fairly simple rules.

High replay value suitable for parties and gatherings providing hours of fun!

Cute zombie designs which is also suitable for kids.


Designed for 5 players, District D: Spleen Battle is a perfect game for parties and gatherings.

Players battle out by finding the spleen and getting hold of the dentures to win the game.

What a Spleen does you say? Here you go.

The spleen plays important roles in regard to red blood cells (also referred to as erythrocytes) and the immune system. Therefore, it is the most juicy part of the human body. I felt hungry saying that :D *Drools*



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District D: Spleen Battle takes place 500 years after the initial outbreak on the faithful night commonly known as the Night of the Living Dead. Anything and everything were affected, living and dead. Infected humans would develop fever-like symptoms which ultimately resulted in death. The corpses would eventually reanimate as vengeful zombies that crave any form of flesh.

After a long and hard fought battle against the undead, governments pooled their resources to build a tall reinforced wall to cordon off the infected area. This region was named District D. Any living organism that ventures in would result in their certain death.
(except birds. birds are cool)
Insatiable hunger and excessive usage of their teeth resulted in decay. Over centuries, the undead have lost their ability to gnaw on the flesh they so desire. With nothing to eat or infect, they wonder around the district aimlessly. Until now.

A young boy who had only heard stories of the undead roaming behind these tall walls decided to head out on an adventure. He scaled the tall walls, hoping to be the first living being in 500 years to set foot in the district. However he was soon greeted with the moaning of the undead and he immediately ducked for cover, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

His Grandmother, his only blood relative was devastated when she heard the news. She swore on getting him back and entered the demilitarised zone with her trusty walking stick. It wasn't long before she met the first hoard of undead. Although unable to devour, they instinctively swarmed her like bees to honey, tearing her limb from limb.

During the commotion, the grandmother's set of dentures fell to the ground making an awkward cracking sound. A curious zombie spotted the fallen denture and tried it on. It was a perfect fit! He ravenously bit into the spleen of the old lady. To his amazement, it was the most flavourful meat he has ever tasted!

The zombies have found a way to devour. The Spleen Battle begins.





Rules will be available for download once the campaign launches!